X-Reality Research

NEWS: XReality Lab and Virtual Reality Technology Lab are now merged!

After a 2 year interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers in the areas of electrical and computer engineering, social science, design & art and computer science we are happy to announce that the VR Technology Lab, Directed by Dr. Scott Smith and the XReality Research Lab, Directed by Dr. George Koutitas are merging. The new scope is to create and evaluate Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies that will benefit the industry, academia, and humanity. Our goal is to tackle the problem of integration of heterogeneous technologies, engage students in high-level research projects and help Texas State University become a leading institution in the areas of interdisciplinary and immersive learning technologies.

*the updated website will be available soon.

Our Mission

We are integrating Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) to connect the virtual and physical worlds. Using our technologies, IoT data can be overlaid on top of the physical world creating a 4D experience for the user.

The Virtual Environment of Things

A huge variety of IoT connected devices are deployed in the close vicinity of a user creating a huge amount of data that is hard to access and interact with. There is a need for a better human-to-smart environment interaction. We address this problem with the use of a new technology called the Virtual Environment of Things (VEoT). Virtual Environment of Things (VEoT) is a new concept of integrating real-world smart things and virtual-world avatars/objects in a computer-generated virtual environment so that entities in either worlds can interact with one another in a real-time manner. Our project creates a state-of-the-art VEoT platform focusing on the use case of Smart Infrastructure (Building, Cities, etc.), by integrating a sensor network of Internet of Things (IoT), deployed at Texas State University with an Augmented Reality (AR) device to create a “4D” experience. The 4D experience will provide real-time spatio-temporal visualization and allow the user to interact with the IoT network in a highly intuitive fashion.

Connecting the Physical and Virtual World

Our team is creating state of the art lightweight and low latency APIs to connect the IoT network with holograms. These are called the “Virtual Twins”.